Bentonite & Charcoal Clay Mask

Bentonite & Charcoal Clay Mask

☆Benefits of using our BENTONITE & CHARCOAL Mask:
♥︎Tightens your skin
♥︎Anti-inflammatory properties 
♥︎Anti-bacterial properties 
♥︎lessen Acne
♥︎Alleciate blackheads 
♥︎Cleans pores

Recommended use: add distilled water or apple cider vinegar to make into a paste, apply for 10mins, rinse with warm water,  towel dry and moisturize. 

For Normal to Oily skin.

◇For sensitive skin we do suggest using our Turmeric Ginger Mask infused with honey.

Recommended use: Use 2 times per week as a part of your skin care routine. Take 2 tablespoons of clay, mix with distilled water or  apple cider vinegar for maximum effect and make into a paste. Do not extend application to the face for more than 15mins. Rinse with warm water, pat dry. Add your moisturizer

Contains: Bentonite clay, activated charcoal, tea tree oil