Turmeric Ginger Mask (with Honey)

Turmeric Ginger Mask (with Honey)

It's Glow Time! Your skin has a new best friend and it's our Turmeric Ginger Mask laced with honey said to provide incredible skin benefits.

Turmeric is said to fight acne, dark spots, helps with hyperpigmentation, has anti-inflammatory benefits and improves skin tone.

Ginger, packed with antioxidants is said to fight signs of aging, removes toxins from the skin and fights damages caused by free radicals.

Recommended use: Use 2 times per week as a part of your skin care routine. Do not extend application to the face for more than 15mins. Rinse with warm water, pat dry. Add your moisturizer.

Contains: Organic turmeric root powder, organic ginger root powder, organic honey,    vegan friendly preservative, glycerin, grapeseed oil. 

May contain coconut oil or sweet almond oil.